Master React Fundamentals With The Latest Concepts and Real-World Examples

React Quickly, Second Edition is a brand new book that will help you master the fundamentals of React with the latest techniques. Learn quickly and easily with clear explanations, numerous examples, and real-world projects you can use for reference. Pre-order your copy today!

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The writing style kept me engaged and made learning more fun. This book is a great combination having explanations, examples and workable projects that a learner would have a hard time getting from free videos or blog posts.

Brent Boylan

Looking to dive into React but don't know where to begin?

Trying to tackle a new programming framework can be overwhelming. It's a jungle out there with tons of misleading resources and courses, but don't worry, React Quickly, 2nd edition has your back!

Say goodbye to wasting time and running into roadblocks because, with this book, nothing can stop you from learning React!

React Quickly is a well-structured source that will take you from know-nothing to well-learned. This book covers all the fundamentals of React - from the basics up - so you get the comprehensive knowledge you need without getting overwhelmed or confused.

So buckle up and prepare to take the tech world by storm with your newfound React skills!


Updated with the latest concepts

With over 350 pages of in-depth content, you'll learn everything from component architecture to React hooks, form and event handling. This second edition includes the latest React techniques for 2023 and is perfect for anyone looking to master the fundamentals.


For everyone

Whether a beginner or an experienced React developer, this book has something for everyone. Get up to speed quickly with clear introductions to every chapter that guide you through the relevant material. Discover things you never knew about React - even if you've been using it for years!


80+ examples to grow your skills

Improve your React coding skills & speed up development time with real-world examples of small widgets and structures you can copy-paste into your application. You'll be able to save time, increase efficiency, and solve complex problems without reinventing the wheel.


Learn by doing

Our 3 immersive projects challenge you to apply your new skills while our tips and tricks help you succeed every step of the way. Experience the power of React as you build applications from scratch and get to grips with real-world development scenarios.

What you will learn

  • Familiarize yourself with React and how it works as a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Learn it step-by-step, from understanding its basic concepts to creating small React components.
  • Introduction to JSX, a syntax extension for JavaScript that allows for the easy creation of HTML-like syntax within JavaScript code to create dynamic components
  • Understanding functional components, which are more lightweight and easier to test than class components, and how to use them in React.
  • Explore stateful components and how they make your app interactive, allowing components to update and render based on user input or other events.
  • Learn about React hooks, which are functions that allow developers to use React features in functional components.
  • Handle events like button clicks or form submissions in React and how to pass data between components.
  • And much more!

Why our customers love it

Loved the book! The code projects used were engaging and small enough to be understandable and just large enough to get the point across. Loved the projects and how they built on each other and provided some challenge.

Michelle Williamson

This book is a comprehensive introduction to React, including detailed explanations of the concepts and techniques needed to build modern applications.

Bernard Fuentes

I have a whole library of computer text books collected over the last 30 years. This is one of the most readable and comprehensive with so many examples and the best supporting website I've come across. Well done.

Brendan O'Hara

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About the Authors

Morten Barklund

Morten Barklund is an independent software developer working as a lead developer in various teams, including an open-source React project funded by Google. Morten studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark and has worked on hundreds of projects during over 20 years as a web developer.

Azat Mardan

Azat Mardan is a software engineer leader and a university professor with extensive experience using and teaching JavaScript and Node. He's the author of several books on JavaScript, Node, React, and Express, including the first edition of React Quickly.