React Quickly, Second Edition

Are you ready to take your React knowledge to the next level?

React Quickly, Second Edition is a brand new book on modern React web development and it is available for pre-order and early access now. The new edition has been completely rewritten and fully updated to the React ecosystem as of 2022.

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React Quickly, Second Edition covers everything you need to know about in modern React development on over 500 pages. The content ranges from component architecture over React hooks to the rich ecosystem of related technologies necessary to create complex web applications.


From beginner to advanced

The book contains topics relevant for all developers, where you've been using React for years or have never touched it all. The clear introduction to every chapter will guide you as to whether the chapter is relevant for you or if you can move on. But you might be surprised, there are basic things about React, that even long time developers aren't aware of.


100+ useful examples

The book has 100+ useful examples of small widgets and structures, that you can copy-paste into your applications. All the examples have a real-world purpose and solves an actual problem that you can relate to.


For sure, it'll be a great book to learn how "React thinks" and some modern web dev tips.

Beto Muniz

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Mike Crantea

I'm learnding.

Nikki Strømsnes

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About the authors

Morten Barklund

Morten Barklund

Morten Barklund is an independent software developer working as a lead developer in various teams, including an open-source React project funded by Google. Morten studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark and has worked on hundreds of projects during over 20 years as a web developer.

Azat Mardan

Azat Mardan

Azat Mardan is a software engineer leader and a university professor with extensive experience using and teaching JavaScript and Node. He’s the author of several books on JavaScript, Node, React, and Express, including the first edition of React Quickly.